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This is where you can find specific information about each worker.


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Workers' Skill Level

There is a system in place for how the workers skill "Level Up". The level of their building is what will put a limit on the "Worker Skill Level" he/she can achieve. Every time you level up their building, the worker's max level limit will be DOUBLE the previous limit! Currently there is NO limit on the Workers' "Skill Level" (once you have made his building level 5, of course).


Building Level Max Skill Level
0 2
1 4
2 8
3 16
4 32
5 --

Tool Level

There is also a system in place for the type of tools the workers can use depending on the level of their building. The level of their building is what will put a limit on the "Tool Level" the worker will be able to use. Every time you level up their building, the level of the tool the worker can use will increase.

Building Level Max Tool Level
0 Wood and Tinkers w/Mining level Stone
1 Stone or Gold and Tinkers w/Mining level Iron
2 Iron and Tinkers w/Mining level Diamond
3 Diamond and Tinkers w/Mining level Obsidian
4 Tinkers w/Mining level Cobalt
5 Any Tool w/any Mining level


Next to the Worker are the best "Traits" for each worker to have in order for him/her to work faster, more efficiently and also they will "level Up" at a faster rate.

When you click on the "Hire" button, you will see a list of the available workers and the best "Traits" for the specific worker you are hiring will be in green (primary) and yellow (secondary) to help you decide which is the best worker for hire.


There is a Formula for this: Primary Trait*2 + Secondary Trait*1 = Rate of Level Up.

For example; If Intelligence is Primary (green colored) and Endurance Secondary (yellow colored) and the worker assigned has Intelligence "2" and Endurance "4" that is (2x2)+(4x1) = 8

That means that this worker will be able to level up 8 times faster.


Choose a worker to view more information about them

Job Description Primary Traits
Builder Intelligence & Strength
Farmer Endurance & Charisma
Lumberjack Strength & Charisma
Miner Strength & Endurance
Fisherman Intelligence & Dexterity
Guard Intelligence & Strength
Deliveryman Intelligence & Endurance
Baker Intelligence & Dexterity


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