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Citizen Hut

Citizen Hut

The Citizen Hut is the BEST way for you to get more Citizen’s for your Town. After you have crafted the Citizen Hut block, use your Building Tool to place the building.

The building will virtually house your Citizens. Each level of the Citizen Hut will “house” 1 Citizen. So:

Building Level Citizens “Housed”
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5

  • Note: For additional Citizens to spawn, you first have to have enough space in your Citizen Hut(s) to “house” your first 4 Citizens.

  • For example:

1 Citizen Hut level 4 = 4 Citizens... or
2 Citizen Huts level 2 = 4 Citizens... or
1 Citizen Hut level 1 and 1 Citizen Hut level 3 = 4 Citizens... or even
4 Citizen Huts all level 1 = 4 Citizens.

You can build/upgrade as you like, as long as the total building level equals 4. That will “house” your initial 4 Citizens, in any combination you want. Awesome, right?

After you have created enough space for your 4 initial Citizens, then the next level of a Citizen Hut you upgrade (or next Citizen Hut you build) will spawn the next Citizen. And so on.. build/upgrade as much as you like and every new build or upgrade level afterwards will “spawn” another Citizen for your Town.


When accessing the Citizen’s Hut block (right clicking on it) you will see a GUI with different options:

Citizen Hut GUI

This is the GUI for the Citizen's Hut. It shows the build "level" of the Hut. And the buttons:

  • Build/Upgrade Building.- to create the build/upgrade work order for this building.
  • Repair Building.- So the builder can recreate the original building (at the current level) and fix any broken, missing, unwanted addons to the original building.
  • Inventory.- This is just an Inventory space where you can store anything you like. Here you can access the buildings storage.

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