Wooden Gate

Iron Gate

Only the Mechanic can craft gates.

The Gates are like large doors, but harder for raiders to break. Iron Gates take even longer than Wooden Gates for raiders to break, and there are a couple of researches at the University to make them take even longer.

However, players and citizens can still use them as normal doors by right-clicking. They will also be triggered by redstone signals.

Using the Gates

To place a Gate:

  • Have several stacked in your inventory
  • Right-click the stack where you want it to be placed
  • The entire stack will be placed, filling as much space as it can

Note: The maximum size of a Gate is 5x4 blocks.

Here are a few screenshots:

Before Placing

Wooden Gate Before Placing Iron Gate Before Placing

After Placing (Closed)

Closed Wooden Gate After Placing Closed Iron Gate After Placing

After Placing (Open)

Open Wooden Gate After Placing Open Iron Gate After Placing

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