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Builder's Hut

Welcome to the Builder’s Information Site.

The builder is the most important worker in your colony. As long as you provide the builder with all the resources it asks for, the builder will build and upgrade all of your town buildings, workers’ huts, decorations and your personal schematics.

Before you build any building, you need to build the Builder’s Hut. Without the builder’s hut being built, the builder cannot build any other building.

Click here for full information about the Builder’s hut block and using your Building Tool. Once the hut is placed, the builder will be automatically assigned (or you can manually assign one with the best Traits for a builder if you changed this in the settings tab in the Town Hall’s GUI.

You now officially have a builder, CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Note: The Builder may ONLY build or upgrade any other Worker’s hut up to the level of it’s own hut. So, in order for the builder to upgrade any building, the Builder’s Hut MUST be upgraded first. Then it will be able to upgrade any other building(s).

A few things to consider

The builder will not start another build assignment until it has finished the current one.

You can go to the Town Hall’s GUI and click on the Work Orders tab and cancel the current build as well as arrange the priorities of the other build orders you have there. If you cancel a work order, (and it was being built already) when you assign the build order again, the builder will continue where it left off.

Any block the builder removes (dirt, wood, planks, glass, etc.) while building and/or upgrading it will keep it in it’s inventory until the inventory becomes full, or it may dump any unnecessary items at the end of a build/upgrade into the Builder’s Hut Inventory.

Hint: If you see the builder has not finished building/upgrading any build order and you don’t see the builder asking for any materials, go to the builder’s hut and “recall” the builder and wait a bit to see what the builder needs. Watch the Minecraft “chat” section. Also you can go to page 2 of the builder’s hut GUI and check the list of materials required, any material in the list that is still missing will be in red colored letters.

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